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One for all

Why make things unnecessarily complicated? With the ClasenUNO you stay in control of the entire treatment process. For a perfect partnership between the head and hands.


Solo treatment.

Three instruments in two hands.

Principle of "autonomous treatment".


Duo treatment.

Principle of "autonomous treatment".

Assistant assumes a peripheral role.


Dry treatment.

Fog-free mirror thanks to air flow.

Clear view of the oral cavity at all times.


Wet treatment.

Aspiration of liquid and solid matter.

Clear mirror image through saliva film.


Geriatric treatment.

Ideal positioning of older patients.

Fewer instruments and less stress.


Child-friendly treatment.

Simplified handling for smaller oral cavities.

Less fear and stress.


Ideal for prophylaxis.

Unbeatably efficient for tooth cleaning and check-ups.

Can also be used with Airflow.


No ifs and buts


Only the better solutions has a future – particularly in the world of dental medicine. ClasenUNO is an innovative product which sets new standards. And no compromises regarding to quality and functionality.


Exceptional mirror quality.

Hahnenkratt premium mirrors

FS Rhodium or Ultra FS bright


Long-lasting and reliable.

Plastic body produced from a single piece.

Tested fracture strength and wear resistance.


Simple to clean.

Ultrasound, disinfector or sterilizer.

Cleaning as per DIN 17664.


Medically tested.

100 laboratory cycles with no changes.

Tested sterilisability and biotoxicity.


Legally protected.

Approved as per the German Medical Devices Act.

International patent and trademark protection rights.


Good availability.

Already listed by numerous dealers.

Can be ordered in Germany and Europe.


Made in Germany.

Safety, expertise and quality.

Developed and produced in Germany.


Innovation inspired by practice.

Developed by the dentist Stephan Clasen.

Focused on the individual.


DIN EN ISO 17664

Cleaning and disinfection:

Only disinfectants which are suitable for polypropylene (PP) and are used according to the guidelines may be employed for cleaning and disinfection. Due to the risk of scratching the mirror and cannula, no hard brushes (wire brushes) may be used for cleaning. The requirements stated in EN ISO 17664 must be observed. Firstly, remove the coarse dirt and then rinse the ClasenUNO under running water. For the ClasenUNO with Ultra mirror, use distilled water for rinsing. Place the contaminated ClasenUNO in a suitable disinfectant solution. Observe the information provided by the manufacturer of the solution with respect to the concentration of the disinfectant solution and duration of disinfection. Rinse well with water after disinfection and dry carefully. Disinfection/sterilisation is then performed using one of the methods below.


Ultrasonic disinfection:

The surface of the mirror must be completely dry, particularly with the Ultra version as otherwise lime residue could be burnt in. Place the ClasenUNO in the ultrasonic bath (e.g., Bandelin Sonorex Super RK 514). Add the cleaning and disinfection agent suitable for polypropylene (PP) (e.g., 0.55% Cidex OPA) and set the washing cycle as per the manufacturer's instructions. Keep in the ultrasonic bath for 12 minutes and ensure that the temperature does not drop below 18°C. Then rinse with sterile water until all cleaning agent residue has been removed. Check to ensure that the ClasenUNO is thoroughly clean and, if necessary, repeat the cleaning cycle. Finally, dry the ClasenUNO carefully.


Disinfection with the thermal disinfector:

For cleaning and disinfection, use a device which corresponds to EN ISO 15883 (e.g., Belimed WD 100) and observe the manufacturer's instructions when choosing the cleaning and disinfection cycle and cleaning agent. Position the ClasenUNO in the thermal disinfector in such a way that the inside surfaces are rinsed and the water can flow off. 0.5% (V/V) deconex 24 LIQUID has proven suitable as the cleaning solution and 0.2% (V/V) deconex 26 plus as the neutralisation solution. Disinfection is performed at 90°C for a hold time of 5 minutes. At the end of the cleaning and disinfection cycle, check to ensure that the ClasenUNO is thoroughly clean and, if necessary, repeat the cleaning cycle.



Steam sterilisation is to be performed using a device which complies with EN 13060 or EN 285 (e.g., autoclave with fractionated prevacuum, W&H, type LISA 517), observing the sterilisation procedure as per EN ISO 17665-1. A cycle is to be conducted at a sterilisation temperature of 134°C and a hold time of 5 minutes or at a sterilisation temperature of 121°C and a hold time of 12 minutes.